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Written by Yuehong Cassandra Tai

Official yet questionable: Examining misinformation in U.S. state legislators' tweets

Study analyze the content of 3,345,232 tweets posted by over three-thousand accounts of U.S. state lawmakers throughout all of 2020 and 2021 and finding that Republicans share far more—an order of magnitude more—misinformation than do Democrats. Journal of Information Technology & Politics. Accepted.

By Yuehong Cassandra Tai, Roan Buma, Bruce A. Desmarais in Research

September 5, 2023

Democracy, Public Support, and Measurement Uncertainty

Study reexamining analyses in two prominent recent studies on classic hypotheses on democracy and public support and underscoring the necessity of accounting for measurement uncertainty. (American Political Science Review:First View)

By Yuehong Cassandra Tai, Yue Hu, Frederick Solt in Research

October 23, 2022

Policy Adoption and Diffusion during the COVID-19 Crisis

Study exploring the variation in policy adoption among Chinese provincial governments during COVID19 and finding policies diffuse from the centre to the provinces in the same way that non-crisis policies diffuse.(Journal of Asian Public Policy)

By Yuehong Cassandra Tai, Jielu Yao, Elise Pizzi in Research

October 22, 2022